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Faraway Wanderers (天涯客; Tiān Yá Kè) is a Chinese danmei wuxia webnovel written by Priest. It serves as a sequel to Priest's previous novel, Lord Seventh, however, the two novels are independent.

The novel was originally published on October 7 2010 on JJWXC, with a total of 77 chapters and 4 extras (5 extras in the printed edition and Audio Drama). The novel has been officially published in Traditional Chinese and translated into Thai.


Once one enters jianghu, they are reminded that the children of the young are old.

A tale about the former leader of a special organization served under royalty, now leaving his past life behind and unintentionally getting involved with the martial world.

The world is vast, where there are people, there is jianghu.


After growing weary of a blood life, Zhou Zishu, leader of the Heaven’s Pane intelligence agency that answers directly to the Emperor, hammered the Septeye Nails of Three Autumns into himself. With only three years of a ruined life left in him, he left the Court, then went down to jianghu to tour famous mountains and lakes.

His former life of leisure and contentment, however, was swept up into a confusing jianghu war out of a momentary idea to accumulate virtue — he’s also being chased after and harassed by the beauty-loving Wen Kexing.


The novel on JJWXC (Locked) is 77 chapters and four extras (including the prologue). Those chapters are divided into four books. The physical Taiwan Edition of the novel has a fifth extra.

  • Prologue - Farewell to the Imperial Court
  • Volume One - Wandering Jianghu, Carrying Wine as We Walk (Ch.2-25)
  • Volume Two - Once You Stop Singing, I Step Onstage (Ch.26-54)
  • Volume Three - In the End, They Are All Sewing Wedding Dresses for Others (Ch.55-69)
  • Volume Four - Looking at the Final Scroll of Grace, Resentment, Affection, and Hatred (Ch.70-77)
  • Extras - (Ex.1-4)

Note: Due to the lack of an official English translation, all information written about the novel are from the following fan translations listed below:

  1. sparklingwatertrans
  2. wenbuxing
  3. Chichi the Osprey

Main Story

Chapter Title Summary Date Published
1. Skylight Duan Pengju felt that the lord must have gone mad. 2010-10-07
2. Chance Encounter Zhou Zishu burst out laughing, thinking about how in this vast sea of strangers, he somehow still found someone who understood. 2010-10-07
3. Abandoned Shrine If the royal court was a battleground for fame and power, jianghu was a battleground between white and black 2010-10-08
4. A Righteous Man People in jianghu repay debts and exact vengeance as they see fit; is there ever a need to leave a name? 2010-10-09
5. The Ghosts Do you want me to guard outside his window and hear him doing it with another man? 2010-10-10
6. The Beauty The moment I saw your butterfly bone, I knew you had to be a great beauty. 2010-10-11
7. On The Road Because of this, Zhou Zishu definitely didn’t have a peaceful journey 2010-10-12
8. Moonlight Augh! Indecent! 2010-10-13
9. In The Woods Brother Zhou truly shares the same mind with me. 2010-10-15
10. The Netherworld Zhou Zishu had his arms crossed, face expressionless as the other continued his ghost stories. 2010-10-16
11. The Cave Could it be... that you're from the legendary Skylight? 2010-10-18
12. Illusions Zhou Zishu could make out what he was speaking—senior brother. 2010-10-20
13. Exposed Not only was he not good, he was utterly contemptible. 2010-10-22
14. The Escape Crawl out! Crawl out! 2010-10-25
15. The Tavern Can I use my body to pay back the debt? 2010-10-25
16. The Nine-Clawed Fox So… do you two want separate rooms or just one room? 2010-10-26
17. The Lapis Armour You’ve got good taste in cassia wine, my dear Saint Zhou, 2010-10-27
18. Dong Ting I want to buy you with two qians.. 2010-10-28
19. A Night Afire Who knew that the leader of Skylight would one day become a ghost in the middle of the crowd, staring at a teenager while agonizingly mourning the past? 2010-10-30
20. Red Clothes There was a man standing in the middle of this with sadness, thinking about his hometown. Thirty years seemed like such a long dream. 2010-11-01
21. The Scorpians Why the rush, my Saint Master Zhou? 2010-11-03
22. The Sacred Hand We’ve already kissed and seen everything there is of each other, why are you still so shy? 2010-11-04
23. Old Tales Ah-Xu, do you think we are like a family of three? 2010-11-06
24. Ghost Face How much time do you have left, three years? Two years? 2010-11-07
25. White Clothes But it seems like you’re… occupied with another man. 2010-11-11
26. Lord Seventh My little venom, how about we pay the Central Plains a visit? 2010-11-11
27. Slaughter Now that you know he's not a threat, why are you still following him? 2010-11-12
28. The Ancient Monk I see that Ye Baiyi has a little white face, and little white faces can only spell trouble. 2010-11-13
29. Too Late Fortunately, that I haven’t truly fallen for you yet. 2010-11-15
30. Rainy Night I just felt like… I found someone I could sympathise with, because we were sufferers of the same malady... 2010-11-16
31. The Break Out This time, the Huashan Sect would bear a profound hatred towards Wen Kexing. 2010-11-16
32. Rong Xuan Brother Wen, is your surname truly "Wen"? I feel that your surname should be "Rong". 2010-11-16
33. The Ghost Master This did not stop them from being born confidants. 2010-11-17
34. The Siren Augh, even a dog's eyes would be blinded. 2010-11-19
35. The Green Siren He only looked at you, a "sleazy man". Don't you think it's strange? 2010-11-19
36. No Regrets From the beginning to the end, my conscience has been clear, so why do I have to hide in the shadows?! 2010-11-20
37. The Farce Anyways, I don't have a good reputation either, you're my confidant. 2010-11-21
38. The Deadlock This was a man's face, where there was no colour but black and white. 2010-11-22
39. Escaping Danger Your disciple is my disciple, between the two of us, who's following who? 2010-11-23
40. Lord Seventh One of life's four greatest blessings is to bump into an old friend in a land far away from home. 2010-11-25
41. Despair Will I still be myself? If I am no longer myself, why should I still keep living? 2010-11-26
42. Great Ruckus Why did the heroic have to face his downfall? why did the beautiful have to fray one day? 2010-11-27
43. The Rescue That bit of skin of his is as thin as paper. He gets shy more easily when he takes off his mask... 2010-11-28
44. Shuzhong Using the excuse of exchanging techniques to partake in improper affairs. 2010-11-28
45. Wishes Can you not die on me? 2010-11-30
46. Misfortune Just like... just like Yu Boya destroying his qin? 2010-12-02
47. Marionettes Zhou Zishu let out a breath of relief, and very nearly failed to inhale the next breath. This was the first time in his life that he was this glad to see Wen Kexing 2010-12-03
48. A Treacherous Situation Sorry, but I don't have plans to sell my body for the moment. 2010-12-04
49. Long Que You... are Long Que? 2010-12-05
50. The Key Thirty years ago, what happened? 2010-12-06
51. The Past Then... treat it as spending a few days here with me? 2010-12-08
52. The Mountain Residence Yet in the night, they were like this, as though they only had each other. Wasn't this very erratic? 2010-12-10
53. New Year's Celebration This is the most proper New Year's I have celebrated in my life. 2010-12-10
54. A Rude Awakening See, you have flung yourself into my arms, haven't you? 2010-12-11
55. The Eavesdroppers I want a divorce... 2010-12-13
56. The Black Crows As long as your affection for me is as fine for you, I will not let it be in vain. 2010-12-14
57. The Gambler I don't want your money, and neither do I want your life. If you lose a round, the two of you will put on a show for me. 2010-12-15
58. A Harrowing Experience A-Xu, I couldn't tell that you even possess this sort of skill. 2010-12-17
59. Crossing Paths Again You said... you want to keep me? 2010-12-18
60. Husband and Wives A husband and his wife are... lovebirds from the same forest. When disaster strikes, they fly their own separate ways... 2010-12-20
61. Formation The night soil bucket formation. 2010-12-21
62. Equilibrium Lord Seventh picked up the tea bowl, dipped his head and took a sip, then shook his head and smiled. "Reveal that, I cannot." 2010-12-23
63. The Eve Of If I die, would it not be a loss for you? 2010-12-25
64. A Gamble On Life The heavens and earth are my witnesses. 2010-12-25
65. Alarmed As he pondered, and pondered, the notion consumed him whole. 2010-12-25
66. A Night Ambush Unless I had no other choice, I will never face this person in combat. 2010-12-27
67. The Parting of Ways Get lost, and don't die. 2010-12-28
68. Letting Go If he was Jiuxiao, you wouldn't be so unworried. 2010-12-29
69. Returning One glance sees infinite youth; only this heart is so old. 2010-12-31
70. The Eve He isn't afraid of me, and I'm good to him. He's someone I can be with for a lifetime... 2011-01-02
71. Infighting This bunch of heroes had gathered up, turned into a rowdy mob, and before they had even reached the Mountain, began to to fight amongst themselves. 2011-01-03
72. Exposure Because this lunatic went out on a trip, he's actually started to believe himself to be a human, learning how to be hurt by lovesickness? 2011-01-07
73. The Rules Those were the rules. 2011-01-07
74. The Great War Don't worry. I'll have someone bring him home for you, too. 2011-01-08
75. The Finale (I) ... To be blunt, this was what it was to let a wolf into your own house. 2011-01-10
76. The Finale (II) If not home, where shall I go today? 2011-01-11
77. The Finale (III) The End. 2011-01-12


Extras Title Summary Date Published
1. On Changming
2. Last Life, This Life
3. Baiyi, Jianghu
4. A Beloved, A Confidante

(Taiwan Edition)

Wandering Jianghu 2014-3-12


The novel was originally published as a webnovel on JJWXC[1] from October 7 2010 to January 12 2011. The first printed version of Faraway Wanderers was published in Taiwan by Yun Cang Books, the first volume on 2 February 2014 and the second volume on 12 March 2014, it was printed in Traditional Chinese and included a fifth extra that was not available on JJWXC.

Another printed version was published in Thai by SENSE BOOK on December 2020. On September 2021, The novel was locked on JJWXC for "further editing" due to censorship issues[2]. English translations, as well as any translation besides Thai and Traditional Chinese, are all unofficial.


The Audio Drama was officiated and started airing on January 2021 on MissEvans. This adaption is the most true to the original text, with a running time of two seasons, covering all chapters and the extras.

The Live-Action Adaption, renamed Word of Honor, started airing on February 2021. Word of Honor is loosely based on the novel and derives from the plot and the characterisations. With a running time of 36 episodes plus a special short episode that is exclusively available on Viki and Youtube behind paywall.


Thai Edition


Taiwan Edition

Thai Edition

Audio Book


  • Faraway Wanderers was already being written as Lord Seventh was still updating, showing that Priest already had plans for Zhou Zishu.
  • The second volume of the Thai Edition is heavily inspired by the Taiwan Edition, as it carries the same design, minus Wen Kexing's white hair.
  • At the time of the novel's publication, the cover on JJWXC was a drawing by ENO (何何舞) from an original artbook "The Marquee Moon". At some time in 2015-2016, it was changed to the JJWXC default cover.